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How to write professional Email: Boost your profits

write professional email
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In this article, I will show you how to write a professional email that helps you increase your conversions. Many people fail in Email marketing and think it’s not profitable. This is because they don’t actually know how to write a professional Email. Writing a good and attractive Email is also a Skill and I will make it very simple for you.

Having a professional Email is very important because if your email is not attractive your open-and-click rate will not increase and the receiver will show no interest. This cause your time wastage and also your hard-earned capital will be wasted

How to write good Email

Writing a good and attractive Email is not an easy task you need to show love, intersection, and emotions in your Email to look more attractive.

In this article, I will show you how to write a perfect email with a real case. I will explain to you a simple rate that you follow to write an email. I will try my best to explain to you and to help you.

Email writing Rules

The rule for writing an email is called as TCPARS rule. We can also write in T-C-P-A-R-S.

When writing an email you must have to remember this rule I will help you a lot to write the best and most professional email.

1: T (Target)

The first rule of writing an email is the target. Target means which people you want to promote. Let’s take an example In my case my target is email marketers.

Target: Email Marketers

Now I need a subject line like I will be sending a message to promote a course that teaches email marketing and boost conversations so the subject line will be like

Subject line: Email marketers? want to boost conversions?

your subject line must be small and attractive and must contain emojis so that reader can open the email. Also when you are writing your own subject line you can test it on a website SEND CHECK IT

Write professional emial

2: C (Callout)

The second rule of writing the email is the callout. It is very important it is used to seek attention. It is the first line in the message if it is not attention taking the receiver will not read the email and ignores continuous reading and will not click the link. In order to increase the click-through rate you need to write a perfect callout.

You need to write a perfect callout that catches the attention and tell them what they will get from this email. For example, I am targeting email marketers to promote my course.

Hey or Hi [NAME]

Are you struggling in growing your email list & increase your sales with email marketing

you can see in the example (bold written) It’s directly telling them if they email marketers and you know them they are still building email lists and conversions. If your target is correct they will definitely continue reading your email.

Other examples are

Are you struggling on youtube to grow your audience and watch time?

so you can see that the callout must be attractive and perfect to catch the attention of the receiver.

3: P (Personel Connect)

In a personal connect you need to show some emotions so that the receiver feels that there is something that can give him the advantage


“Just like you 5 years ago my online business is failing. I don’t know how and where to get leads. How to write a perfect email that converts…I feel your pain”

you can see in the example it shows the emotional contact with the receiver. It shows a positive impact on them and increases the chance of getting conversions. This is how the user will stimulate his emotion and will continue reading the message.

Another example is:

“just like you some time ago I was struggling in my online field and my way to success is nearly impossible. I don’t know how to attract my audience or how to satisfy them. I feel the pain”

4: A (Authority)

You need to show authority you need to show them that you can help them. You are the right person for what he is looking for.


“But now after years of patience, research, testing, and hard work. I have more than 40,000 students worldwide following my courses”

This shows the authority to the user to give something that allows them to trust you. Believe me, if you follow the steps you will be a successful email marketer

5: R (Reciprocity)

You need to feel that you are giving something that is most valuable and help them to gain access


“That’s why I am giving you my next course for free”


“You can call me stupid, But I am giving away my next course for just 20$ and I would give it away for less, but Udemy doesn’t allow me to sell below this”

This is the phycology tip that makes them feel that you are giving them something that will help them in the future and to play with emotions by using this statement. After that use this statement

“So I decided to give you all the tools and apps that I use for free and helped me to become a professional email marketer. Let me know if you want that after you get the course”

You are giving more value more free staff that let them know that you own something.

6: S (Social Proof)

Now add some social proof using the images and screenshots because it gives him more comfort to buy this course. And go to and check your email because it rates your email. Grade such as A, B, or C and increases the chances of your email being accepted by the end receivers.

Write professional email


Example of the email in the picture

Example email


In this article, we discussed the rules of writing a professional email that helps to increase conversions. The Rules are called T-C-P-A-R-S rules which can be defined as Target, Callout, personal Connect, Authority, Reciprocity, and social proofs.

These steps must be followed to write a professional email we also discussed the tools to check the email such as Email subject line tester and mail tester that tells about the quality of the email.

I tried my best to explain everything to the best of my knowledge. Hope you like it If you have any questions plz comment

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