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Email marketing services: Which is the best service(2022)

Email Marketing services
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In this article, I will sum up my experience, research, and work in the Email marketing field and help you to choose the best Email marketing services related to your niche

Many of my friends ask me that there are many companies available in the market regarding Email marketing. How will we identify which service is the best related to our business, budget, and niche?

So in this article, I am answering all the questions about email marketing services which service to choose? which service is best according to your budget and many more

Email marketing services

There are many services available nowadays many of them provide trial funds some of them provide free trials for months or the weeks

I will mention the things that you will see for the first time before we start. It is important to know about the Email marketing system

Email marketing systems

Email marketing systems consist of mainly two things. It consists of a sending server or an SMTP server and another is Email Marketing application these two combine to form an Email marketing system where you can manage your campaign lists and so on

Email marketing systems

For detail about Email marketing visit What is email marketing?

Options according to business

There are three options you can choose anyone according to your business model

  1. First, we will go with an email marketing company like Mailchimp, Get response. These companies make things easier for you to add your campaign and everything is combined in one platform
  2. Second, we can install and use our own email marketing application but we need to subscribe to an SMTP service like Amazon SES, etc you combine it with your own email marketing application and use it to send emails
  3. Third thing is to build everything from scratch you have your own application and your own SMTP server

You have to select the option from all three according to your synerew because we have mainly two types of marketers

Bulk Mailer

They are those mailers that promote different kinds of CPA offers, Affiliate marketing. If you are a bulk mailer you can’t use any company they will not allow you because of spam and you will get blacklisted. You need your own system means your own application and SMPT server to send bulk mail

Normal Marketer

They are those marketers who promote their content and collect emails lists they are those who didn’t spam

So if you are a beginner go with the Email marketing company and start with the free plan and test everything. If you have a big subscriber list you can select the price according to the list. It is good if you can handle email marketing company prices otherwise I advise you to go with a premium SMTP service like Amazon SES with your own application you can send tons of emails with Amazon SES for only 10$.

Email marketing services

Following are the email marketing services. I will explain all the pros and cons of all the best services I will explain

  • Active Campaign
  • Constant Contact
  • Get response
  • Aweber
  • Convertkit
  • Mailchimp
  • mailer lite
  • Sendinblue

Active Campaign

Active campaign is an email marketing automation software there provides Email marketing, Transactional email, Marketing automation, CRM& sales automation, and sales engagement. They offer 14 days of free trials and their pricing depends upon the number of emails you have. They also provide the service for transactional emails.

Suppose I have a 5k email list so pricing will be per month

Active Campaign

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another Email marketing platform that provides services of email marketing and automation they provide a 60-day free trial (for USA & UK ) and 30 day free trial for the rest of the world where you can create & send emails. Their automation platform starts from 449$ per month

They have two pricing options

Constant Contact email marketing service

Get response

Get response is also the best email marketing and automation software that gives free service for up to 500 emails per month they provide landing pages, and promote webinars through emails. They also provide the service to integrate your account with analytics or e-commerce platforms. They provide the best services you can also track your emails

Their pricing will be determined according to the no emails list you have you can also set custom pricing

Get response email marketing service


Aweber is also an email marketing and automation software that provides services like Email marketing, Landing page builder, Email automation, e-commerce pages, and Web push notifications they help you to build customer loyalty and to automate your process

They provide a free trial of up to 500 emails per month and in paid it depends upon the number of email lists you have.

Awebwer email marketing service


Convert kit is also the best platform for Email marketing and automation they provide the services like landing pages, forms, broadcasts, Audience tagging, and segmentation, Selling digital products & subscriptions, Free migration from other tools, Automated email sequences, Visual automation builders, Newsletter referral system and Advanced Reporting these are the services provided by convertkit that’s why this service is more powerful

They provide a 14-day free trial without any credit card and you can cancel it any time also they provide free service for up to 300 emails per month



Mailchimp is also the best email marketing & automation software that provides a variety of services. like Custom-Coded and Pre-built Email Templates, Multivariate and A/B Testing, Enhanced Automated Customer Journeys, Predictive Segmentation, and Pre-built Email Templates.

The best thing about Mailchimp is their software is very user-friendly it’s very easy to use. Their pricing is also affordable and they also provide free service to send 2500 emails per month. So if you are a beginner you must go with NameCheap


Mailer Lite

Mailer Lite is also the best service that allows integration with Stripe, Zapier, Shopify, WordPress, woo-commerce, and PayPal. They also have the templates for Newsletter, Landing pages, Websites, and popups

Their pricing depends upon the no of users you have and they also provide free service for up to 1200 emails per month

Mailer Lite


Sendinblue is also the best email marketing and automation software that gives templates for your email campaign. They also provide landing pages for campaigns. They have SMS marketing, CRM, Marketing Automation, Transactional Emails, Segmentation, and much more like signup forms and Facebook adds

Sendinblue also provides free service for up to 300 emails per day and in paid services, it depends upon the subscribers you have


Things to look at before getting Email Marketing services

There are following things you must look at before getting an Email Marketing service and I will also name the service which is best


Email marketing services

First, check the Email marketing services you have I have explained in detail about all the best services in this article


All providers or SAAS company charge for a monthly or yearly basis. If you stop paying you will lose access to the software and the price depends upon the contact on your email list. So Sendinblue and Mail chimp is best for the pricing model


Many companies offer different free plans you can use up to a certain limit Mailer and Name chimp are best for free plans. In Name chimp, you can send up to 2500 emails per month. In Sendinblue you can send 300 emails per day

Free trials

Active Campaign, Constant Contract and Get response offer best free trials

Tools & Automations

Active Campaign is best in email automation. They are the leaders in email automation they have very in-depth reporting. Get response also has good tools and automation

Design & customization

All are great in design & customization

Easy to Use

Mailer lite and Mail chimp has easy to use interface


when you go to email tools tester Get response and Constant Contact have an 89.9% rate others have also a good rate.


In this article, we have discussed email marketing services. There are eight best services that I have tested and considered as best. In terms of services, reliability, plans, free trials, and much more these services are fit for beginners and advanced-level marketers.

In this article, we have also discussed the type of email marketers and the pros and cons of everything In detail. I have briefly explained all eight services which I have tested and also explained the things which are important to know before selecting any service. These include Tools & Automation, designs & customization, deliverability, price, and many more

Hope you like it if you have any questions comment below I will try my best to answer them Good luck.

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